Rochester Truck Accident Investigation Attorneys

Independent Investigation of Your Truck Accident

To find the cause of a truck accident and to hold the at-fault party accountable for your full damages and losses, you need the best available legal representation. You need an independent investigation to be launched as soon as possible, and you need a compassionate legal team on your side.

Our team has completed our own accident reconstructions, and we work with a variety of experts to ensure they will stand up in court. We have even employed an expert truck driver trainer to replicate the exact scenario on the location where our client was the victim of a truck accident in which the at-fault truck driver claimed he did not have enough stopping distance to prevent the crash.

  • First, we got the truck driver to state his speed and when he started to brake prior to the crash on the record.
  • Second, we recreated the exact circumstances at the exact location under the exact conditions of the accident with our expert driver.
  • Third, we filmed the entire recreation.
  • Fourth, we hired a truck braking expert and a general trucking safety expert to testify in the case.
  • With all of this evidence and testimony, we were able to prove that the at-fault truck driver did indeed have enough time and distance to prevent the accident in the case.

At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, we are focused on your best interests and best possible recovery. We have significant experience on both sides of complex personal injury cases, and we know how to counter the aggressive tactics of the insurance defense lawyers your case will be up against. Our team will provide you with over 35 years of combined experience, former defense lawyers, proven trial prowess in tough New York courts, and personalized representation.

We work quickly and will handle all legal aspects of your personal injury lawsuit against the trucking company. We cover all upfront legal costs, and we will help you access immediate coverage for medical bills and lost wages through your No-Fault insurance.

Preparing Your Case For Trial With Thorough Investigation

Because we are located in Rochester, we can get to the accident scene quickly. The insurance defense team will be at the accident scene right away, and you need professionals to counter their work aimed at minimizing your financial compensation for recovery.

The following items must be requested right away:

  • The truck driver’s logbook
  • The police report from the accident scene
  • Inspection of the truck with our trucking accident reconstruction expert
  • The truck driver’s cellphone records
  • Witness statements
  • The truck’s black box recorder data

Truck accident investigations must be thorough and swift. Evidence could be lost not just at the accident scene, but also from within the trucking company. It is important to collect evidence at the scene by taking photos and documenting the debris field, position of vehicles, road conditions and tire skid marks. Additionally, we will collect information about hiring practices, drug and alcohol testing, safety measures and operating practices at the trucking company.

Request a Free Legal Consultation With a Rochester Attorney

A comprehensive, independent investigation by our skilled legal team will strengthen your case and maximize the value of your claim for past, present and future damage and loss compensation.

Please call our team in Rochester at 585-678-4500 or email us to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you through this difficult time.