New York Trucking Company Negligence Attorneys

Proving That A Trucking Company Was Negligent

The strength of the evidence that can be gathered and presented against the trucking company will play a significant role in maximizing the value of your personal injury claim. When serious injuries are involved in a truck accident, it is almost always worth a thorough investigation of trucking company hiring, operating and maintenance practices.

Trucking companies often cut corners in some areas, and they are required by federal law to carry large bodily injury liability insurance coverage. When you are involved in a truck accident, it is unlikely that your insurance maximums alone will cover the life-altering injuries and possibly devastating effects you and your family may suffer. You need an advocate for your long-term financial stability and livelihood.

A talented trial lawyer is your best ally. Your insurance company will not help you maximize the value of your claim for fear of its own liability. At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys know how to help you access the immediate coverage you need for medical bills and lost wages, and we know how to maximize the full and fair compensation you are entitled to for past, present and future losses and damages.

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What Are We Looking For In Our Investigation?

Our attorneys are thorough, and our independent investigation in your case can begin right away. We are based in Rochester, New York, and we are responsive and proactive in searching for evidence and proving trucking company negligence, including:

  • Allowing or encouraging truck drivers to violate hours of service regulations
  • Poor maintenance of trucks and trailers
  • Incomplete tracking of driving hours
  • Negligent hiring or training practices
  • Improper loading of trucks
  • Allowing trucks to exceed federally mandated weight limits

If the trucking company’s negligence was a factor in your accident, we will find the evidence and present it as a convincing factor in your case. The effectiveness of your legal team will make the difference in whether you recover the minimum or maximum amount of financial compensation to which you are entitled.

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