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The people most susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome are those who depend on constant use of their hands to make a living: secretaries and data entry workers, auto mechanics, factory workers and others. When their conditions are severe enough that they elect to have carpal tunnel surgery, rather than attempting to recover through extended rest, their livelihoods often depend on the success of that surgery.

The intent of carpal tunnel surgery is to relieve the pressure and inflammation that causes disabling pain, numbness and weaknesses. When the surgery is performed properly and aftercare is handled well, the patient is often able to recover and return to normal activity. However, surgical errors typically involving nicking or cutting of nerves occur in both “open” and endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedures. In extreme cases, such surgical errors result in worsening of symptoms and even permanent disability.

Did Your Surgeon Cut or Nick a Nerve During the Procedure?

At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, you can work with Rochester medical malpractice surgery errors lawyers who have direct experience evaluating potential medical malpractice claims like yours. We are familiar with causes of permanent, disabling nerve damage such as:

  • An improperly placed or poorly executed incision resulting in the cutting of a critical nerve and, potentially, loss of use and motion as well as continued, amplified hand pain
  • The choice of less invasive endoscopic surgery rather than an open procedure providing the surgeon with greater vision of the ligament and nerves

If your own or a family member’s carpal tunnel surgery went wrong and the outcome has been disabling, we are prepared to investigate and determine whether medical negligence was the reason. Our firm’s track record in complex medical malpractice cases is strong, and you can count on our dedication to helping your recover maximum compensation if you have a valid claim.

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