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Bowel perforation — cutting or nicking the intestines — is a widely known potential risk of any operation near the digestive tract. It occurs in both open and laparoscopic procedures, and the consequences of failure to promptly diagnose and address a bowel perforation would be difficult to overstate. Victims may suffer from sepsis, peritonitis and other infections that can cause brain damage, the need for additional major surgery or death.

Our Rochester bowel perforation claims lawyers know from extensive, relevant experience that bowel perforation can occur during a wide range of surgical procedures. Valid medical malpractice cases have arisen from bowel perforations during endoscopy and various other forms of abdominal surgery, gallbladder removal surgery, hernia surgery, hysterectomies, removal of ovarian cysts and other procedures.

Was A Bowel Perforation Left Undetected, Leading To Sepsis Or Another Life-Threatening Condition?

Failure to detect a bowel perforation and intervene to prevent or treat a life-threatening infection almost always justifies a malpractice claim. Cases often involve patients and their families having complained of severe abdominal pain and other symptoms, only to have doctors fail to order abdominal X-rays or CT scans that would reveal this catastrophic condition.

If you suffered serious complications from a surgical bowel perforation, or you tragically lost a family member due to botched surgery or other negligence, it is essential to speak with a qualified New York medical malpractice attorney. At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, you can work closely and directly with a team of lawyers that has decades of experience handling both sides of such claims.

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