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At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, our lawyers understand that victims of medical malpractice want more than compensation for what they have been through. They want answers. They want to know what went wrong and what caused the medical condition.

Finding out what went wrong is a critical part of the process. We will enlist experts to help us understand exactly where the mistake was made. In some cases, we find that the doctor did things right. He or she ordered X-rays or some other similar test. That is where things went wrong. The test results were not read properly, meaning that a major problem was missed. Sometimes, the test is performed incorrectly and that causes injury, such as improper dye injection. No matter what is the case, we will find out what happened, and we will hold negligent parties accountable.

Investigation Is Critical In Medical Malpractice Cases

When we find out that an X-ray, a CT scan, an MRI, a mammogram, a bone scan, an ultrasound or any other similar type of test was ordered, we will review the test results. It is not uncommon that, with the help of experts, we discover that this is where the problems began. Perhaps a radiologist was not looking for an aneurysm in the CT scan results and missed a clear indication of a tearing aorta. Perhaps the radiologist failed to recognize evidence of cancer in mammogram results. Perhaps the radiologist simply reviewed an X-ray too quickly and overlooked a complex fracture.

Misdiagnosis And Failure To Diagnose Lawyers

Essentially, these cases are cases of failure to diagnose and treat a medical condition in a timely manner. When cancer is involved, any loss of time can mean missed opportunities. When broken bones are involved, the fracture could be made significantly worse. All the while, the patient is left to deal with the pain of something that a radiologist and a doctor should have seen if they had simply looked at the test results appropriately. With decades of experience on our side, our attorneys take pride in taking action in these cases.

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