Failure To Perform Emergency C-Section Attorneys

Seeking Justice After A Doctor Fails To Perform An Emergency C-Section

Few adverse medical outcomes are more devastating for families to cope with than an infant fatality, permanent brain damage or other lifelong disability that should have been prevented. Many cases of labor-and-delivery malpractice involve failure to take necessary procedures to prevent hypoxia — a technical term for severe oxygen deprivation known to cause cerebral palsy and other catastrophic types of birth injuries.

Did Medical Negligence Cause Cerebral Palsy Or Other Birth Injuries?

If you lost your baby and the explanation given does not make sense to you, or if you must now strive to give a child with permanent birth injuries the best life possible, you deserve genuine compassion and real answers. At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, we have decades of experience leading in-depth investigations, and holding doctors and hospitals accountable for medical malpractice. Our knowledge and capabilities extend to cases of:

  • Failure to perform a necessary Caesarian section, either on an emergency basis to prevent catastrophic hypoxia or through negligent prenatal monitoring of the baby’s size and position
  • Failure to recognize hypoxia in a newborn and promptly intubate or take other critical action to prevent permanent harm and disability
  • Anesthesia errors and medication errors, including excessive administration of pain medication to a mother during labor and delivery

Turn To Attorneys Who Will Listen, Investigate And Drive For Results

In numerous serious medical malpractice cases we have handled, birth mothers and their families had clear reasons to suspect their deliveries were not managed properly. Your situation may have involved:

  • Persistent complaints of unusual pain during labor and delivery
  • Being told about low levels of amniotic fluid
  • Awareness that the fetal heart rate was not being properly and diligently monitored
  • Hearing one doctor, nurse or other medical professional refer to the need for a C-section that was not performed in time to potentially prevent a catastrophic outcome

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If your family has been seriously harmed by failure to perform an emergency C-Section, our Rochester area lawyers are well-equipped to validate your case and seek all the compensation available to address your needs and damages. To request a consultation involving no financial cost or risk whatsoever, contact our firm today.