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Roofers and other workers who perform their duties at heights have to put the risk of falling out of their minds. When a fall from a roof does occur — the most careful, experienced worker can get injured in a construction accident — serious injuries are almost a certainty, and sometimes workers suffer head injuries, paralysis, back injuries or other harm that prevents them from working at their chosen trade ever again.

Do You Have Legal Rights To Compensation Beyond A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The state of New York has very strong, specific laws covering the duties of employers, building owners and contractors to help ensure worker safety when on roofs. All too often, the injured and their families believe that applying for workers’ compensation benefits is the only recourse available to address damages that can be lifelong and far-reaching.

Falls From A Roof Are Often Caused By Site Owner Or Contractor Negligence

At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, you can work with skilled Rochester roof fall injury lawyers who may be able to obtain more substantial financial compensation to address your needs after an on-the-job injury. We are deeply familiar with New York construction safety laws and how they are breached, including situations in which:

  • Workers are not provided safety lines, required roof anchors or lanyards and other critical equipment in good working order
  • Unsafe working practices, such as riding in “buggies” designed for moving materials rather than people, are allowed on the work site
  • Other corners are cut to save money or rush a roof job toward completion, ultimately resulting in a life-changing injury or wrongful death

Attorneys at our firm make advocacy for construction workers a clear focus, and we apply our many decades of experience in high-stakes negotiations and at trial. We are adept at proving liability, building the most compelling case possible and valuing damages through extensive analysis of the total impact of injuries on workers’ and their families’ lives.

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