Dangerous Roadway Accident Attorneys

Have You Been Hurt On A Dangerous Roadway? We Can Help.

The fields and natural beauty of upstate New York are crossed by many roads that can be harrowing and dangerous to travel. Many serious injury-causing accidents occur on routes 104, 96, 31, 33, 15, 531, 44, as well as interstate highways such as I-390, I-490 and I-590. Factors include the sheer traffic volume, the mix of cars, trucks and motorcycles, and outright negligent and reckless driving behaviors.

Injured On Route 15, 31, 44, 96, 104, 531, Or An Interstate Highway In New York?

If you have been injured yourself or lost a family member in a tragic fatal auto accident, your future may well depend on the law firm you choose to represent your interests. At Kammholz Rossi PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers, experienced New York dangerous roadways lawyers have the skill to prove liability and the tenacity to negotiate or litigate for every dollar of compensation you deserve.

We are prepared to investigate your accident on any dangerous street or highway and pursue justice for you and your family through negotiations with insurers — or at trial if necessary. Our dedicated Rochester injury attorneys’ knowledge and capabilities extend to:

  • Car, semitruck and motorcycle accidents that leave victims to cope with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis and other life-changing consequences
  • Drunk driving and distracted driving accidents, including those related to texting and other cellphone use
  • Head-on, side-impact and rear-end collisions
  • Vehicle accidents caused by excessive speed for road conditions, tailgating, unsafe lane changes and other driving behaviors that put other drivers and passengers at risk

Put Decades Of Experience And Dedication On Your Side

Our attorneys drive the same roads you do, and we dedicate much of our professional practice to legal action that holds dangerous drivers accountable for the harm they do to others. Whether you were hurt near Victor, Brockport, Irondequoit, Batavia, Caledonia, Avon, Lima, Brighton, Fairport, Manchester, Geneva or elsewhere in our area, call 585-678-4500 for a free, no-risk consultation focused on your needs and your future.