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The types of car accident damages that can help victims

Car accident victims can suffer a variety of serious and catastrophic injuries. Serious injuries can include brain injuries, broken bones and other types of

Statistical analysis shows rise in truck accidents in 2019

New Yorkers sharing the road with large trucks will likely be concerned about the possibility of a collision. Since these vehicles are so massive, travel long

Summertime is no time to relax when it comes to driving

Congratulations! You made it through another season of dangerous winter driving. However, while you no longer have to worry about snow and ice, that doesn’t

What are Hours of Service Regulations for Truck Drivers?

Drowsy driving is a cause of motor vehicle accidents all throughout New York, and drowsy driving does not only affect individuals operating their own personal

Serious Injuries May Result from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents affect too many New Yorkers each and every year. For some, the injuries they sustained in car accidents may impact their quality

4 ways drinking alcohol can lead to a car accident

Everybody knows that it is unsafe to drive if you are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving accidents are a terrible hazard on the highways and roads

Are ride-shares causing an increase in motor vehicle accidents?

Many people know just how dangerous it is to drive after consuming alcohol. To avoid doing so, they will often use a … motor vehicle accidents

Too many motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving

Most people here in New York have experienced a car crash at some point in their lives. Usually, the damage … motor vehicle accidents

Car accident takes the life of 82-year-old man

People often assume that younger drivers are better than older drivers. Though there might be some statistical evidence for … motor vehicle accidents

Are you recovering after a New York collision?

Whether you were on your way to work, running errands or taking a road trip on the day another vehicle hit you, you no doubt …