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January 2020 Archives

Determining fault when multiple cars collide

Establishing who is responsible for a car accident can be complicated regardless of how many vehicles are involved. In a personal injury case, an individual could be entitled to compensation if he or she can prove that another person was negligent and caused the plaintiff's injuries. It may be possible to determine that a party was negligent based on the facts of a case alone. For instance, if a vehicle hits another from behind, the person who caused the collision is typically at fault.

Different types of distraction and their potential dangers

When a driver is not focusing on the task at hand, all statistics indicate that it is much more likely he or she will be in an accident. An unfocused driver is a dangerous driver, regardless of what it is that is causing the distraction. Cell phones are often the reason for accidents related to distraction, but there are many things that can take a person's attention behind the wheel.

Drunk driving is a big problem in New York

Whether you're new to New York or have been living here your whole life, if you're not used to driving in a major city or busy traffic region, doing so might be a highly stressful experience for you. Even if you're not behind the wheel but are traveling as a passenger in someone's car, if you're not used to state roadways, you might feel a bit anxious, especially if you witness a possible drunk driving incident.

Red light cameras could improve roadway safety

Red light cameras have been widely used in New York and across the country in an attempt to cut down on the number of deaths and injuries caused by cars running through traffic signals. However, the systems have also come in for criticism because one of the major effects of the cameras is to send out tickets to violators. The cameras are positioned above traffic lights and capture photos of cars that speed through red lights, including their license plates. Without ever being stopped by police in person, violators receive a traffic ticket in the mail.

Ignition interlock devices causing driver distraction

A recent New York Times investigation found that ignition interlock devices could cause distracted driving. IIDs, also known as "Breathalyzer" devices, are installed in cars to prevent drunk driving. The devices require a driver to submit a breath test before they can start their vehicle, and in some cases, submit a subsequent breath test after driving for a period of time.

Study says 30% of New York teens admit to texting and driving

Among teen drivers, almost 30% of them report that they text and drive. Texting creates a significant distraction that increases the chance of accidents by a factor of eight according to the American Automobile Association. Although many teens in the state admit to engaging in this hazardous behavior, they have the lowest rate of texting and driving in the nation according to data collected by

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