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Tips for driving safely at night

Nighttime driving poses serious risks. Although only 25% of all driving occurs at night, that period of time accounts for roughly 50% of all car accidents. With decreased visibility and fatigue settling in, it is dangerous to drive at night if you do not know how to do so properly. 

New York has traffic at any time of day. You need to know how to share the road with other drivers, especially when the sun goes down. With some precautions in place, you can significantly reduce your odds of ending up in a car accident

Have your vision checked regularly

You may have never needed to wear glasses before. You may even be able to see perfectly fine when you drive in sunlight. However, you need to make sure your vision can handle nighttime driving. You need to undergo vision exams regularly to ensure you are not a danger to yourself and others. You may need to wear glasses when you drive at night, in which case, it would be preferable to keep your glasses inside your car at all times, so you do not forget them. 

Ensure your car functions properly

If you do not drive at night often, then you may not realize when something is out of place. You should make sure your headlights remain aligned and fully operational. You should dim your dashboard, so the lights on it do not impede your vision. You also want to clean the windshield often so glare or condensation does not affect your ability to see. 

Know the warning signs of fatigue

When in no condition to drive, you should not get behind the wheel. Yawning, blinking frequently or becoming confused by directions are clear indicators you are sleepy. You should pull off to the side of the road and rest until you feel better. You should not drive if you have been awake for at least 16 hours. 

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