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Drivers continue to text and email behind the wheel

Many people in New York and across the country are aware of the dangers of distracted driving. They've seen the public awareness advertisements and they know about laws banning texting while driving. Indeed, one insurance company's study notes that 47 percent of drivers identified distracted driving as their biggest safety concern. Nevertheless, while people will condemn distraction while driving and agree that it poses a threat to roadway safety, these same drivers will frequently use their own mobile phones on the road.

The same drivers who expressed serious concerns about distracted driving said that they use their phone an average of 13 minutes a day while behind the wheel. Around 38 percent of respondents also said that they do not put down their phones if they see police on the road. At the same time, 99 percent said that their mobile devices were a major distraction. They don't just engage in voice conversations. In fact, 52 percent of drivers said the item most likely to draw their attention away from the road was an active group chat or text involving multiple friends. Another 33 percent said they were likely to engage in social media, while 18 percent were drawn away from the road by streaming video.

Nearly nine-tenths of respondents said that they would give a rideshare driver a poor rating if they saw the driver engage in the same behaviors, especially texting while driving. The same amount said that they believed themselves to be better drivers than most rideshare operators.

When people engage in distracted driving, they put their own lives and those of others on the road at severe risk for serious injuries or even fatalities. People injured in car accidents caused by a distracted or negligent driver might benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for their damages.

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