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October 2018 Archives

3 car accident myths to avoid

A car accident can inflict severe, extensive damage on numerous aspects of one's life. Obtaining legal compensation can mitigate a great deal of that damage, helping you get medical treatments and pay bills when your injuries affect your earning power.

Molecular profile testing uncovers misdiagnoses of brain tumors

A global study on pediatric brain tumors that involved over 150 institutions revealed that traditional diagnostic methods often produced inaccurate diagnoses. For families in New York with children suffering from brain tumors, the study highlighted the importance of confirming a diagnosis with molecular profile testing.

Teen drivers and teen passengers can be a fatal combination

Parents of teen drivers in New York should know that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has released new research data relating to the dangers faced by young drivers. Its main finding is that teen motorists who drive with teen passengers are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents.

ECRI lists top hazards stemming from health technology

The ECRI Institute has released its 2019 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards report. Addressing many of the hazards pointed out in the report will be of the highest priority to hospitals and medical centers in New York as it will help reduce the risk for patient injuries and deaths.

Learn more about LBD

About 1.4 million people in New York and throughout the country experience symptoms related to Lewy body dementia, or LBD. This can lead to problems moving or remembering people or events. However, since it presents symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease, it is not always diagnosed properly. There are many medical professionals who are not even aware that LBD exists. It is believed that a combination of genetic and other factors cause people to develop this condition.

Advanced car safety systems could encourage reckless driving

Many of the new vehicles available in New York and around the country feature advanced electronic systems that are designed to monitor road conditions and prevent accidents, but the safety benefits of semi-autonomous technology have been brought into question by a study from the American Automobile Association. According to researchers from the advocacy organization's Foundation for Traffic Safety, features like emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control encourage reckless driving and could actually be making the nation's roads more dangerous.

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