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5 negligent actions that cause car accidents

Nobody wants to get in a car accident. We all want to simply think of our cars as amazing vehicles that give us comfortable transport and freedom. Unfortunately, auto accidents happen, even to the best of drivers. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, there were 5,687,000 accidents in 2013. 

But why exactly do car accidents happen? What are the primary causes? Read below for answers to these questions. 

1. Distractions

Phones, tablets and other mobile devices are common in our everyday lives. Worryingly, some drivers do not know when to put their phones down. Too many motorists send texts, take selfies or post on social media while operating their vehicles. This type of negligence often causes wrecks.

2. Speeding

Speed limits are put in place for a reason. It is worrying that so many drivers ignore speed limits. Drivers who exceed speed limits put others at risk and increase the chances of causing a collision. 

3. Red-light runners

Like speed limits, traffic lights exist to keep everyone on the road safe. But some motorists are too impatient to put on the brakes and wait. Even if your light is green, always look to make sure no one is going to run a red light. The same is true for stop signs. 

4. Inexperience

New drivers are more likely to cause accidents. Young motorists may cause you to get in a crash because they do not know how to properly operate their vehicles yet. 

5. Intoxication

Some people do not know when to call a cab or Uber. When people get behind the wheel while they are drunk or high, they are putting people like you at a serious risk of getting into an accident. 

These are just five of many causes of car accidents. If you sustain an injury in an accident due to the negligence of another motorist, make sure you talk to an attorney who provides one-on-one care.

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