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New York Fan Win After Being Kicked In Accident

| Jan 18, 2016 | Uncategorized

accident-attorney.jpgYour favorite football team the New York Giants just lost by only 3 points in a heartbreaker to the New England Patriots. All you want to do is leave the stadium and get home and sulk in the gloom of the defeat. You leave your seat that you paid good money for and head for the escalator to exit the stadium. All of the sudden you feel the steps begin to speed up and then abruptly stop causing you and others to tumble down the sharp steel steps. Looks like you now have more than just the Giant’s loss to be pissed off about. You’ve been injured in an accident and now have personal injury battle ahead of you. This is what happened four years ago at the Giants stadium, injuring seven people, sending five to the hospital and costing one victim part of a leg. Two of the people were treated at the stadium for minor injuries but the rest were sent to a medical facility for treatment. Their injuries ranged from minor scrapes to a crushed foot. A personal injury suit was brought against Schindler Elevator, the company that manufactured and maintained the escalator at the New York stadium. The company recently agreed to an undisclosed settlement in the negligence case to cover the personal injuries to the victims of the malfunctioning 60-foot escalator. The event was similar to what happened in 2003 at Coors Field in Denver. A descending escalator began to speed up and then stopped suddenly causing a pile of people to be thrown to the bottom of the escalator. Dozens of people were injured here too, with a few people being hospitalized. Is it so much to ask to attend a sporting event on a day off without the fear of getting injured in a preventable accident? Source The Associated Press: “Settlement reached in Giants Stadium escalator lawsuit,” On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Personal Injury


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