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New York pit bull owner may be held responsible for dog bites

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Premises Liability on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Many people suffer dog bite injuries every year. The state of New York has strict laws in place to help reduce the occurrences of people being bitten by dogs. Dog owners can be held liable for any dog bites suffered by a person, providing the individual did not provoke the dog or did not ignore warnings related to the dangers the dog may pose. Premises liability claims may follow such attacks. The police were recently called to a location of a dog attack. A man was reportedly walking his dog, a German shepherd, when two pit bulls from a nearby home allegedly attacked his dog. In his attempts to separate the dogs, the man reportedly suffered multiple dog bites on his hand and arm. He claimed to have told the dog owner that he intended to report the incident to the authorities. Police reported that the owner and his dogs fled the scene. The victim was transported to a hospital for treatment for several serious dog bites. The owner of the pit bulls was later identified and charged with first-degree assault. He is awaiting arraignment in a county jail. The dogs are in the custody of authorities while an investigation is underway. New York dog owners may want to keep in mind that they may be held liable for all medical and veterinary expenses that may occur as the result of their dogs attacking people or other pets. In cases where the dog has a history of previous dog bites, the owner may also have to pay non-medical damages, such as pain and suffering. Individuals who have been victims of dog attacks are free to make use of all available help to pursue an award of damages by filing premises liability claims in a civil court. Successfully presented cases may result in monetary restitution to cover medical expenses, and depending on the circumstances, the court may award additional damages as allowed by state law. Source:, "Syracuse man charged after dog attacks another man, police say", Ken Sturtz, May 13, 2014

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