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Negligent medication prescription may lead to medical malpractice 5/1

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday, May 1, 2014.
Physicians have a responsibility to provide care of a standard that would improve the health of patients and not cause personal injury. When New York individuals seek medical care, they usually put all their trust in the knowledge and experience of the physician. When a physician prescribes medication that could lead to serious personal injury, the doctor can be held liable and may have to face a medical malpractice claim. A doctor in another state prescribed birth control pills by the name of Yasmin to a woman who was 37 years old at the time. She also had a history of borderline hypertension and claimed that the doctor had not informed her of potential dangerous side effects of the medication. Within two weeks after starting to take the medication, the woman suffered a debilitating stroke. The left side of her body is paralyzed, and she is bound to a wheelchair. Her husband had to quit his job in order to provide constant care to his wife. Her condition seems to be permanent, and her love of going for long walks and decorating the family home was taken away from her. Furthermore, the couple will probably face permanent financial difficulties due to the loss of income from the husband. The couple filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and was recently awarded just under $14 million to take care of the woman for the rest of her life. New York residents who believe that they have been the victims of medical malpractice may feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge of the New York court procedures. However, help is available to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of the product in a civil court. Although no amount of money could give the victim her enjoyment of life back, monetary damages awarded may reduce the continuous financial stress. Source: The Chicago Tribune, "Couple awarded $14M in birth control suit", Michelle Manchir, April 20, 2014

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