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Even a little alcohol can lead to car crashes

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, January 30, 2014.

People in New York know that drunk driving is a serious offense, and people who drive drunk face serious fines and penalties for doing so. In the eyes of many, the punishment fits the crime, as drunk driving has been indisputably proven to increase the likelihood of a car crash. In short, drunk drivers can jeopardize the safety of everyone on the road, and New York State has taken steps to make sure that anyone who drives with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher will suffer the consequences. But what about people who drink and drive but don't actually reach the .08 BAC legal limit? Under state law, a person 21-years-old or over whose BAC is under the legal limit cannot be easily charged with DUI. However, the results of a new study show that driving with even a small amount of alcohol in one's system can greatly increase the danger to the driver, passengers and everyone else on the road. According to a study, people with a BAC of even .01 percent have a nearly 50 percent greater chance of causing a car accident. According to the study's authors, even driving in a buzzed state poses a serious risk to the driver and others on the roadways. This news is shocking, but it rightfully calls attention to cases where a driver, even though not legally intoxicated, could still be liable for causing a car accident. Victims of car accidents caused by these "buzzed" drivers may face serious injury and should be entitled to compensation for their injuries and pain and suffering. Fortunately, these people can bring a civil suit for damages against negligent "buzzed" drivers, even when New York criminal DUI law falls short of keeping them safe. Source: The Huffington Post "Driving 'Buzzed': BAC As Low As 0.01% Still Raises Fatal Car Crash Risk," Jan. 25, 2014

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