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Bus crash suit moved to federal court

On behalf of Kammholz Law PLLC posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

A personal injury suit that had been filed by two victims of a New Jersey car crash has been moved to federal court. The suit is seeking financial compensation from a bus company after the pair suffered serious injuries during early March 2011. The men were wounded when the bus in which they were riding got in an accident with a passenger vehicle on Interstate 380. The bus company has been named as a plaintiff in the complaint, along with the bus driver and several other parties. Authorities report the crash occurred when the bus attempted to swerve around two other vehicles that had collided with each other. The initial crash happened when the driver of a Nissan lost control of his vehicle. A Buick smashed into that vehicle. The driver of the Buick exited the car after the crash, but he was then struck by the bus, which had been attempting to avoid the first car. The pedestrian in the case was declared dead at the scene. As a result of the evasive maneuver, the bus was sent sliding down an embankment for about 113 feet. The bus had flipped onto its passenger side during the accident. Both of the victims in this case argue that they suffered permanent and disabling injury because of their wounds from the crash. About 30 other people were on the bus when the accident occurred; many of those were taken to local medical facilities after suffering injuries in the crash. In this case, the plaintiffs are alleging that the driver was behaving negligently by driving too fast for conditions on the snowy road. The driver is accused of violating federal safety rules because of his poor driving. In fact, passengers on buses deserve to be kept safe. They should not have to worry about injury or death when they board the bus to their destination. Victims who have suffered injury during a bus crash may be entitled to financial compensation for their suffering. Source:, "Suit filed in '11 Martz crash moved to federal court" Edward Lewis, Sep. 26, 2013

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